Restorations® Vinyl Replacement Windows

A Smart Upgrade for Any Home

Because your home is not only an investment but also a reflection of your personal style, Restorations vinyl replacement windows make for a smart upgrade. Inspired by the beauty and craftsmanship of traditional wood windows, Restorations window systems combine ease-of-maintenance, strength and durability with striking good looks.

Restorations believes no one should have to choose between “pretty” and “performance.”

When you order Restorations windows from Big L Windows and Doors, you’re getting beautiful, premium windows that will make you fall in love with your house all over again. And you’ll love the difference in your energy bills. Some of the superior features of Restorations windows include:

  • Architectural details such as sculpted sash frames
  • Exclusive FiberCore inserts that strengthen the vinyl construction
  • Up to 27% more viewing area than competitors’ windows
  • Insulated frames and advanced weather-stripping for energy efficiency
  • Wood-grain interior finishes, including raw pine that can be stained or painted any color
  • Dozens of design options to choose from
  • Q4 proprietary locking system that provides security in a better-looking latch

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When you’re choosing vinyl replacement windows, you are, of course, looking at them for their energy efficiency and ease of maintenance. But don’t forget you could be looking at those windows for decades—and you’ll want to like what you see. Too many vinyl replacement windows are bulky and inelegant. But Restorations premium vinyl replacement windows are both high-performing and pretty.

After all, the point is restoration—to restore the functionality of your windows, renew your house’s curb appeal and revive your love for the place you call home.

Using advanced technology and innovation, Restorations windows combine the best attributes of vinyl with aesthetic elements of traditional wood windows. Vinyl windows are strong and energy efficient, and resist water, wear, warping and rotting. Restorations is the only vinyl window manufacturer that uses FiberCore™ fiberglass inserts in the sash rails, which makes them extra strong—up to nine times stronger than vinyl alone.

Restorations vinyl windows have narrow sightlines, soft rounded edges and coved interior glazing for attractive looks. Their narrow line frames and sashes give you up to 27% more viewing area than other replacement windows!


Restorations offers a myriad of decorative options that let you upgrade the look and feel of your home. To give your house traditional character, you can add simulated divided lites that look like authentic windowpanes, or grids between the glass to make cleaning easier. You can warm up your living spaces with woodgrain interior finishes—a rare option for vinyl windows—including a raw pine finish that can be stained or painted any color. Or go trendy with a Balanced Black factory finish. For the exterior, you can choose from four colored capstocks or countless painted finishes.

Another thing you’ll enjoy about your Restorations replacement windows is how easy they are to keep clean. In addition to the convenience of the tilt-in function for washing them from the inside, Restorations offers an innovation called SolarClean™, which uses the sun’s UV rays to clean the glass.

Finally, Restorations windows are meticulously designed so that every component increases their thermal performance. Unlike most window manufacturers, who offer only one type of glass, Restorations offers a variety of high-performance glass systems—combinations of dual or triple pane glass with gas fills and various coatings. Big L Windows and Doors can help you select the insulation system that best suits our northern climate to ensure that your family stays cozy and comfortable through frigid winter nights while still enjoying lower heating bills.