MI™ Sliding Glass Doors

Easy-Gliding, Energy Efficient Patio Doors

For your next home improvement project, bring the outdoors in with MI patio doors from Big L Windows and Doors. MI offers some of the nation’s best vinyl replacement patio doors for home remodeling or renovation projects as well as new construction. A step above most vinyl patio doors, MI patio doors offer special details like painted exteriors and wood-grain laminate interiors to upgrade the look of your home.


At Big L Windows and Doors, we are always looking for better products to offer our clients, and we are pleased to now offer MI patio doors.


MI sliding glass doors feature:


  • Energy-efficient vinyl construction with standard double-pane glass on the 1615 and 1617 patio doors
  • Smooth-operating roller systems with sturdy aluminum track and raised rails to keep out debris
  • Options such as blinds-between-the-glass that make life easier
  • Customizability, including a choice of grid patterns
  • A tasteful palette of exterior paint colors, and interior options in wood-grain laminate or neutral colors

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Enhance the view and make your patio, porch or deck more easily accessible with a quality MI vinyl sliding glass patio door. MI is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of high-quality patio doors. In fact, MI has been manufacturing home-building products for more than 70 years and has built a reputation for quality, value, energy-efficiency and style. At their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, close attention is paid to every detail so that their patio doors are engineered with the precision and integrity you deserve.

In the Buffalo area, it’s important to choose a patio door that will let in abundant natural light while keeping out the cold. MI continuously works to improve the energy efficiency of their patio doors and to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of ENERGY STAR® certification. By installing a new MI patio door, you will save money on heating and cooling bills and enjoy a more comfortable interior climate with fewer drafts and temperature swings.

Energy-efficient glass advances like argon gas fills boost thermal performance to keep your home warm and comfortable in cool weather, eliminating cold spots. Warm-edge spacer systems maximize the energy efficiency and improve the seal performance of insulated glass.

MI patio doors will operate smoothly season after season thanks to their advanced roller system with aluminum track and raised rail that keeps out debris and dirt.


Make your dream of indoor-outdoor living come true and bring your vision and personal style to life. MI patio doors are easy to customize. The 1600 Series sliding glass door by MI is available in set-up, knock-down and multi-slide configurations up to 16 feet wide. You can have two, three or four panels, choose which panel opens and which way it slides. Add privacy and light control with convenient blinds-between-the-glass. Add curb appeal with painted exteriors in your choice of eight classic colors, interior wood-grain laminates or neutral colors, and eight hardware finish options, including on-trend Black and Black Nickel. Grids in a Colonial pattern provide traditional appeal, or 6- and 9-Lite Perimeter patterns complement Prairie and Craftsman style homes.

Safety and security is as important to MI as it is to you. That’s why tempered glass comes standard on MI patio doors—it’s four times stronger than non-tempered glass and safer if broken. So even if your home is located on a golf course or where kids play ball, you don’t have to worry. For added security, you can opt for a foot lock or security bar. And for convenience, request an exterior key lock key lock be factory installed.

Sales consultants at Big L Windows and Doors are experts in MI patio doors. We’ll walk you through the features of each series and the various options in glass, hardware and colors to help you customize your patio door.