Marvin Signature® Modern Fiberglass Patio Doors

Premium Patio Doors for Modern Architecture

Capture the spirit of true modern design with strong and streamlined Marvin Signature Modern Multi-Slide Doors and Modern Swinging Doors. A modular system allows all Modern products—windows and doors—to be joined together, so you can turn walls into expansive views framed only by minimalist stiles.

The Modern Multi-Slide Door and Modern Swinging Doors can open entire walls to the outdoors, even from floor to ceiling, making you feel more connected to nature than possibly any other patio door can. And these doors operate so easily, it’s as if nothing stands between you and nature.

Choose Marvin Signature Modern patio doors from Big L Windows and Doors for:

  • Pure modern aesthetics with consistent narrow sightlines
  • Innovative modularity that lets you create floor to ceiling configurations
  • Minimalistic hardware that combines sleek form with functionality
  • Energy efficient features to keep you comfortable through Buffalo winters
  • Marvin’s proprietary Lock Status Sensor, providing peace of mind
  • Sill options for accessibility (flush) or performance against the elements

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Marvin Signature Modern patio doors are inspired by your desire for natural light, fresh air, views of nature, and indoor-outdoor living—as well as your passion for modern design. And they’re designed for the way you live, allowing you to open up entire walls to your deck or patio when the weather is fine, and stay connected to nature through the colder months without having to face the elements.

As some of the largest patio doors in the industry, framed only by minimalist stiles and rails,  Marvin Signature Modern products can open up your home like no other patio doors can. Every Modern product works as part of an innovative modular system, with consistent profiles that let you combine windows with the Modern Swinging Door or Modern Multi-Slide Door in any way you might imagine.

Optional flush sills and effortless operation of even the largest Modern Multi-Slide Doors make the outdoors more accessible than ever before. The Modern Multi-Slide Door can be configured as 1 to 6 panels that open uni-directionally or bi-directionally and either stack or slide into a pocket—up to 30 possible configurations. A state-of-the-art motorized system makes it possible for you to open and close the doors via your home automation system or smart phone, for truly effortless operation.


With Marvin Signature Modern, you can enjoy large, floor-to-ceiling patio door configurations without sacrificing indoor comfort, even in our harsh northwestern New York climate. Innovative, high-density fiberglass provides excellent thermal performance and strength. A combination of glass options such as double or triple panes, Low E coatings and insulating gas can give you the right kind of energy efficiency for our climate.

And Marvin eliminates concerns about patio door security. Both the Marvin Signature Modern Multi-Slide Door and Swinging Door are available with the innovative Marvin Lock Status Sensor, a factory-installed, fully concealed sensor that works with your security system, either wired or wireless. The sensor connects to your smartphone, so you can check whether your doors are locked from anywhere. Multi-point locking systems and strong, stainless steel fasteners ensure security.

As for design, Marvin Signature Modern lets you put your passion for modern architecture into your patio doors’ every detail. Choose from five low-gloss aluminum interior finishes in muted colors intentionally chosen to evoke modern design’s elemental nature—Bronze, Gunmetal, Ebony, Clear Anodized or Stone White. Minimalist hardware in Matte Black, Matte Bronze, Satin Nickel, Silver or White blends seamlessly into the design to maintain your unobstructed views.