Marvin Signature® Modern Fiberglass Windows


Capture the spirit of true modern design with Marvin Signature Modern windows. Strong and  streamlined, the Modern product line features narrow sight-lines that give you expansive views of the outdoors and let you feel more connected to nature. Innovative, 21st-century materials provide excellent thermal performance. And the modular system gives you the versatility to fill entire walls with windows and bring abundant natural light into every space.

Marvin Signature Modern windows offer:

  • Pure modern aesthetics with consistent narrow sight-lines
  • Modularity for creative combinations of casement, awning and direct glaze windows
  • Push-out and crank-out versions with right- or left-hand operating configurations
  • Minimalistic hardware designed for maximum functionality and form
  • Energy efficiency for long-term performance and cost savings on energy bills
  • Thermal performance to keep you comfortable through Buffalo winters
  • Lock Status Sensor smart home technology for peace of mind

For windows that meet the exacting standards of modern architecture, Big L Window and Doors recommends Marvin Signature Modern.


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Marvin Signature Modern windows are inspired by your desire to live in calming spaces, filled with natural light, fresh air and views of nature—as well as by your passion for modern design. The clean lines and simplicity of design help to clear away the clutter and stress of a busy life, making your home feel more like a restful retreat.

In mid-century modern, contemporary, and retro Scandinavian and European style homes, Marvin Signature Modern provides the perfect complement to open floor plans, flowing spaces, asymmetric lines and low profiles. Modern products are designed to work together, visually maintaining consistent narrow sight-lines that seamlessly merge windows and doors, allowing you to fill entire walls with glass and create continuity between indoors and outdoors.

Elegant, simple, bright, open, eco-friendly, functional—these hallmarks of modern design are reflected in the Modern line. Innovative fiberglass frames are engineered to integrate easily into drywall and help keep interior temperatures comfortable. The pure aesthetics are carried out further in low-gloss aluminum interiors, with black spacer bars and sealant, keep visual distractions to a minimum, simply framing the view.


With Marvin Signature Modern, you can enjoy the openness and light imbued by large, floor-to-ceiling configurations of windows without sacrificing indoor comfort—even in our harsh northwestern New York climate. Innovative, high-density fiberglass frames provide excellent thermal performance to keep your rooms warmer through the winter. A combination of glass options such as double or triple panes, Low E coatings and insulating gas can give you the right kind of thermal performance for our climate, and energy efficiency that lowers your bills.

And Marvin eliminates concerns about security. Marvin Signature Modern windows are available with the innovative Marvin Lock Status Sensor, a factory-installed, fully concealed sensor that works with your security system, either wired or wireless. The sensor connects to your smartphone, so you can check whether your windows are locked from anywhere.

As for customizability, Marvin Signature Modern lets you express your passion for modern architecture in every detail of your windows. Choose from five low-gloss aluminum interior finishes in muted colors intentionally chosen to evoke modern design’s elemental nature—Bronze, Gunmetal, Ebony, Clear Anodized or Stone White. Minimalist hardware in Matte Black, Matte Bronze, Satin Nickel, Silver or White blends seamlessly into the design to maintain your unobstructed views.