Window Safety Week

Why is Window Safety Week Important?

Window Safety Week begins in April in accordance with the arrival of spring when homeowners are opening windows to allow the spring air to fill their homes.

Here’s the goal:

  1. Understand the role of windows for emergency escape
  2. Learn to safeguard windows against accidental falls

Your Home Escape Plan

  • Ensure windows are not nailed or painted shut
  • Remove all installed air conditioners from windows that may be used for escape
  • Meet safety requirements for at least one window in each bedroom
  • Remove guards, bars, and grilles from windows as they cannot be used for emergencies
  • Create an emergency escape plan and practice it both day and night
  • Keep an escape ladder nearby if you live in second or third-story bedrooms

How to Protect Children From Falls

  • Keep in mind, insect screens will not support the weight of children
  • Never leave children unattended around open windows
  • Keep windows closed when a child is within reach
  • Remove all furniture under windows as they are potential risks Keep children play space away from open windows or open spaces such as balconies

When is Window Safety Week?

April 3-9 is officially Window Safety Week this year