Ways to Brighten a Winter Landscape

Create a Fireside Retreat

A roaring fire draws visitors to its light and warmth. Create a spot in your yard or on a patio to place a fire pit loaded with wood to invite holiday guests outside if the weather permits. Surround your fire pit with chairs draped with warm wool throw and prepare a camp-style s’mores fest for dessert.

Embrace Color

Unless you life in a community where all your fences and gates must be painted white, pull out your brushes and get to work. Paint your fences for a bright pop of color against the graying winter light and landscape. In the spring, your emerging plants in their soft, pale greens will stand out against these colorful hardscape elements.  

Add interest With Cool-Weather Blooms

Camellias and hellebores are staples of winter gardens. Searching for their colorful nodding blooms nestled among their tough, evergreen leaves gives you something to look forward to. Plant several kinds so you’ll have plenty of different colors on hand to brighten up the inside of your home.

Lighten Up

Shed some light on your outdoor spaces and you’ll tend to use them more in the dark days of winter. Make sure your fixtures are appropriate to the style of your home. Position landscape lighting to focus on interesting trees or charming paths leading to your front door.

Plant Winter Shrubs

Red corpus and hollies add striking interest against the graying winter landscape. Be sure to clip branches for a festive pop of red in your holiday decor.

Upgrade Your Exterior Doors

Give your doors a jolt of color for an inviting exterior that enhances a hospitable charm during the cool-weather months. Choose cheery red for a festive vibe, dark blue for a classic look, or sunny chartreuse for a modern, updated twist.

Source: HGTV