Marvin Signature Tilt Pac

There’s new life for your old windows. With the Marvin Signature Tilt Pac Windows, replacing the sash on your double hung window is an exercise in simplicity. This sash replacement kit is designed specifically for replacing older double hung windows; these windows are ideal if the frame is in good shape, but the sash or hardware need replacement. Both sash are fully operational and tilt in for easy cleaning. Create or match the lasting look you want with a variety of divided lites, screens, and hardware finishes. Everything you need is included so all it takes is just four simple installation steps and you’ll be admiring the brand new, great looking, energy efficient windows you’ve been dreaming about.

Marvin Signature Tilt Pac Key Features

  • Choose from a full range of options, including divided lites, screens and hardware finishes
  • Standard, custom or Magnum sizes available
  • Custom bevels on bottom sash and jamb hardware available.
  • Clear, one-lite insulating glass
  • Satin Taupe sash lock
  • Aluminum clad exterior (clad-wood only)
  • Bare wood exterior (wood only)
  • Beige jamb hardware
  • 14° sill bevel on bottom sash and jamb hardware
  • Jamb mounting hardware