Marvin Essential Patio Doors

Strong values, strong materials and a strong commitment to your satisfaction. Marvin Essential Patio Doors from Marvin® takes the values that made Marvin a leader and applies them to a line of popular styles. With an exterior of Ultrex®, a pultruded fiberglass material that outperforms and outlasts vinyl, vinyl clad, and roll-form aluminum, Marvin Essential Doors are built to perform – under pressure, and over time. Choose an interior of either Ultrex from the All Ultrex Series or a carefully selected and handcrafted wood, from the Marvin Elevate Wood-Ultrex Series that is as beautiful as it is functional. Of course, they’re easy-to-order, easy-to-install, delivered on time, and energy-efficient. In short, an exceptional value that is built to perform.

The Marvin Essential Collection’s Ultrex® Fiberglass Patio Doors are 8X Stronger than Vinyl!

The same amazing strength-to-weight ratio and tensile strength that make pultruded fiberglass perfect for use in ladders, bridge construction, and guard rails make it perfect for durable, low-maintenance patio doors. It’s eight times stronger than vinyl and almost twice as strong as steel. (It’s actually used as a replacement for steel rebar.) That’s why Ultrex forms the stiles and rails of every Marvin product that leaves our state of the art manufacturing facility. The result: superior strength, durability, performance, energy efficiency, and finish. And we’ve backed that breakthrough performance with outstanding delivery, support, service, and warranty protection.
Ultrex® is a Foul Weather Friend!

Marvin Essential Patio Doors stand up to rain, sun, wind, heat, time – looking beautiful and performing well long after other doors have lost their luster. Patio Doors made with Ultrex stay square, true and beautiful over the long term. This is especially so when compared to vinyl, which can distort in extreme heat or streak and crack in fluctuating temperatures. Ultrex has a low thermal expansion rate and expands at virtually the same rate as glass, maintaining a tight seal with no leak, seal failures or stress cracks that can compromise energy efficiency and long term performance.