New Hampshire Home Edgewater II

In New Hampshire a town by the name of Harrisville Dan Scully from Daniel V. Architects firm remodeled a home known as Edgewater. Dan Scully was one of the victors of the Marvin Architect’s Challenge a client from Millwork Master. Edgewater before the transformation had a bellicosely giant and piercing canopy toward the water. It had all sliders, with a dome filled of cut glass with no improvement, and clapboards with cramped cruel fit.

The resolution was in the windows, and the trim around them. The inside was rearranged, the windows all altered, the covering and slender as if from a distinctive cohort. Sliders and crystal ceilings were substituted with enormous dual suspended windows, with window muttons. The result is a shore-style wall, with shallow pressed windows of the era, rather than the quasi-new all-glass appearance of the unprecedented.

Source: Marvin