Marvin Windows and Doors Displays Latest Products and Options at the International Builders’ Show

Marvin Windows and Doors debuted innovative new products and options for builders and homeowners at the annual International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas that took place January 19-21, 2016. Marvin’s Contemporary Studio has expanded its collection with new features and a diverse suite of high-quality contemporary solutions. 

Marvin’s new clad colors:

  • Come in Suede, Gunmetal, Clay and LIberty Bronze
  • Marvin’s extremely durable, extruded aluminum exterior cladding meets AAMA 2605 standards and offers resistance to chalking and fading; also backed by a 20-year warranty

Marvin’s OXXO Glider window that joins the standard product line for 2016:

  • Up to 50′ wide and 12′ tall
  • Two center panels that slide to each side, allowing for unobstructed openings for pass-through solutions
  • Fixed glazed sash on either side of the window frames the two center panels
  • Spans up to 12′ wide and 5′ tall
  • Two-point, concealed lock that automatically locks when window closes
  • Sash ratio of 1/4, 1/4, 1/4, 1/4
  • Patented sash removal system for easy inside/outside cleaning

Marvin’s Ultimate Multi-Slide Door now includes new performance features:

  • Available with low-profile Flush, Performance or all-new High Performance sill, which is certified to Performance Grade 50, low U-Factor of 0.28 with standard, tempered Low E2 with argon insulating glass
  • Can be configured uni-directional or bi-parting, both options available in left- and right-handed styles
  • Available in a new center-stacked XOX configuration
  • Features stacked panels or pocket version, which disappears into the wall
  • Comes with a multi-point lock
  • Available in StormPlus rated version release ideal for coastal regions
  • The new sliding screen options fits seamlessly into the door 
Marvin’s Ultimate Casement and Ultimate Awning windows include:
  • Maximum heights of 102″ high or maximum width of 44″ wide for Ultimate Casement windows
  • Maximum widths of 96″ wide or maixmum heights of 96″ high for Ultimate Awning windows
  • Maximum widths of 120″ wide or maximum heights of 120″ high for Ultimate Picture windows
  • These new expanded sizes offer more optoins for contemporary projects
  • Clean lines and narrow profiles

Direct Glaze 90-Degree Corner Window features include:

  • Direct glaze is when glass is glazed directly into the frame with no sash required, allowing for maxmized views
  • Narrow sightlines match Marvin’s other direct glaze window options
  • Great flexibility for panoramic views
  • Available in symmetrical or asymmetrical units
  • 90-degree corner captures light from multiple angles
  • Clad corner post is only 2 11/16″
  • Factory glazing standard of 1″ insulating glass with Low E2 with Argon
  • Factory mulling available for vertical stacked designs

Marvin also showcased their award-winning “Best of IBS” from last year’s show: Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung, along with their Integrated Interior Shades, and a variety of their large doors (Lift and Slide, Bi-Fold, Sliding Patio, and Ultimate Inswing French).

Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung:

  • Auto-lock: by flicking the sweep, the bottom and top sashes can both be opened. The hardware is designed to “click” when the window is locked for extra peace of mind.
  • Special Vent Mode: the benefits of fresh air without opening the window all the way – the sash can be raised four inches and will stop with a “click.”
  • Performance Grade 50 for most window sizes.
  • Sizes available up to 5′ x 10′
  • 100% all wood interiors
  • Easy tilt solution for easy cleaning
  • Independent sash operation – a sash can be locked while another one isn’t preventing top sash sag
  • Now available in Round Top series and StormPlus for coastal regions

Marvin’s Integrated Interior Shades:

  • Fully integrated design that appears as a seamless part of the window or door
  • Pre-fit and shipped with window or door
  • Matches Marvin interior finishes
  • No visible cords or pulleys
  • Available in 15 colors and different light-filtering materials including blackout

Ultimate Lift and Slide Door:

  • Up to 48′ wide
  • Pocket or stacked panels
  • Industry-exclusive flush mount hardware concealed for a clean look
  • 4-inch width for a contemporary look or a 6-inch width for a traditional look
  • Flush and Recessed sill options