Marvin® Windows and Doors – Automated Exterior Shading System

Marvin Windows and Doors - Automated Exterior Shading System

Marvin Windows and Doors – Automated Exterior Shading System

In a first for the window industry, Marvin Windows and Doors is proud to introduce an automated exterior shading system that’s fully integrated, fully retractable and fully concealed.

Now homeowners can enjoy the convenience and energy-efficiency benefits of a motorized shading system. This proprietary motorized lifting system combines both infrared and radio frequency technology. Unlike current exterior shading systems, Marvin’s new patent-pending shading solution uses no bulky add-ons that ruin the line of the windows from the outside and block the view from the inside.

Shades can be programmed with timed events to automatically provide exactly the right amount of light 24 hours a day. Let in the sun to warm your home naturally during cool weather – then program the system to close the shades when you want to keep the sun out, or simply desire complete privacy.

Marvin’s automated exterior shading system allows homeowners the ultimate in control for their exterior shading systems. The smart technology allows homeowners to preset the precise shading position for optimal energy management, privacy, and mood.

This system provides innovation, style and energy efficiency. The combination of proprietary operating technology and shading expertise within Marvin’s architecturally detailed exterior casing cavity is a perfect blend of beauty, innovation, quality and performance.

Marvin’s new shading system is compatible with screened windows. Choose from the currently available options of a retractable louvered screen for solar control and natural ventilation, or the more traditional shade with slats to match your desires for solar control, privacy and improved U-factor. Both systems offer an unobstructed view of the Marvin product on the interior, as well as help to protect furnishings from UV damage when closed.

The shading system is compatible with Marvin sliding and swinging windows, including the Ultimate Glider, Ultimate Double Hung, Direct Glaze, Simulated Double Hung Hopper window and Ultimate Picture window, the latter of which is available in sizes as large as 40” wide by 96” tall.

Marvin’s automated exterior shading system includes features and benefits such as:

  • Fully integrated into window – not an add-on
  • Available with Marvin exterior clad casing selections
  • Easy, fully programmable operation.
  • Offers superior control of solar heat gain
  • Shading system is offered in 19 colors to match all standard Marvin clad colors. Slats or louvers are finished in durable Kynar® finish.
  • Shades can easily be replaced by homeowners with exterior access
  • Made in USA – faster delivery than European products
  • Increased occupant comfort through solar heat gain control and additional insulating properties
  • Low-voltage, remarkably quiet integrated motor
  • Self-correcting tracks ensure shades are always in alignment
  • Minimum jamb depths of 6 3/16” for most products
  • An industry-first thermal performance certification pending from PassivHaus Institut and Passive House Institute U.S.

The exterior shades not only serve as an innovative and effective method to conserve energy with quality Marvin products, but also provide the customer complete control to decide how and when to use shading to suit their own unique home and environment. We’re proud to be first with a system that incorporates so many features, yet offers all the beauty and customization that Marvin is known for.

Automated exterior shades are orderable, quotable and supported by our Signature Services Department as one-of-a-kind solutions that can be tailored to a home or building’s specific needs.

About Marvin Windows and Doors
Marvin Windows and Doors brings its Built around you® philosophy to life with every customer and every solution. A premier manufacturer of made-to-order wood and clad wood windows and doors, Marvin offers the industry’s most extensive selection of shapes, styles, sizes and options to fit the diverse needs of builders and match the personalities of homeowners.

Marvin’s tradition of delivering the finest craftsmanship in windows and doors began in Warroad, Minn., a small town just six miles from the Canadian border, where the privately-held, family-owned and operated company is still headquartered today.