3 Reasons To Choose Infinity Replacement Windows

Infinity Replacement Windows

Selecting the right windows for your home can feel like a daunting process. We’re here to tell you why choosing Infinity replacement windows may be the right choice for your next window installation project.

After all, we all want a beautiful home that we can feel confident about. Since windows are such a prominent feature of every home, we naturally want to find the best ones. But with dozens of materials, shapes and styles to choose from, the options for windows can quickly become overwhelming. That’s where we come in.

Most people do not ordinarily follow the latest trends in window manufacturing. In fact, some do not even know what type of windows are in their home. Many have never thought about it until they are standing in our showroom.

That’s okay: At Big L, we take pride in helping customers learn more about their homes. So if you’re thinking about new windows but unsure where to begin, our professional staff can help guide you in the right direction.

Of course, when shopping for new windows, there is no rule of thumb to blindly follow. Truthfully, the best product for any home depends on its homeowners’ tastes, climate and budget. So rather than offer definitive answers, we help you narrow down your pool of options to only the strongest, most reliable brands. It is an important step in the window selection process.

Among those top brands is Marvin Infinity replacement windows. At Big L, we not only house a variety of Infinity products, but we proudly recommend them to customers constantly.

For homeowners seeking beautiful, high quality products that perform, Infinity by Marvin is an easy solution. This in mind, keep reading to learn about the benefits of Infinity: 


Fiberglass Lasts Longer


Durability is perhaps the most valuable trait a replacement window can have. After all, nobody wants to invest in a home improvement project that will end up costing them more time and money down the line. So when you install new windows in your home, you expect them to maintain their beauty and quality for many years to come.

Fortunately, Infinity windows are some of the strongest on the market. They are made with Ultrex — Marvin’s patented, pultruded fiberglass material. So unlike vinyl windows, they do not warp or lose shape; unlike wood windows, they do not rot or require constant maintenance. Instead, Infinity replacement windows deliver a tight, snug fit that will keep your home comfortable and secure for years to come.

In general, fiberglass is a reliable materials capable of supporting surprising amounts of weight. This is one of the reasons it’s the material of choice for building boats, bridges and hardhats. However, when it comes to strength and durability, Marvin’s Ultrex fiberglass is nearly unbeatable.

In fact, compared to other materials, Ultrex is the strongest window material in the entire replacement industry. It’s eight times stronger than vinyl, and resists expanding and contracting in any climate.

This unique strength make Marvin Infinity windows the natural option for anyone who’s already committed to fiberglass windows.


Infinity Windows Look Great


Of course, there is no use in having long-lasting windows if they do not look good. Infinity does not have that problem. Another reason we stand by Infinity windows — and perhaps their most obvious benefit — is that they simply look great.

The innate strength of Infinity replacement windows allows for distinct, non-intrusive designs that are impossible to achieve with other materials. For example, Ultrex fiberglass delivers narrow window profiles that offer expanded views of the outdoors, additional sunlight and a deeper connection to nature.

As for color, Ultrex uses an acrylic finish that is fade-resistant and virtually maintenance free. This finish is 3 times thicker than other options, so it also resists chipping, denting and peeling.

When you install Infinity replacement windows in your home, you not only get one of the strongest windows on the market, but you also get a beautiful product that will last.


Infinity Replacement Windows Are Customizable


Your home should always reflect your personal style and taste. That’s why Infinity offers a complete spectrum of styles, colors and features. So you can customize your new windows and doors to get the exact look you want.

Infinity windows by Marvin are available in almost a dozen unique styles, including traditional shapes such as double hung windows and bay windows, as well as special, custom-built shapes. Plus, each window comes complete with a fade-resistant acrylic finish. You can choose between a variety of colors and shades — from stone white to cashmere, ebony and bronze — depending on the style of your home.

So regardless of your home’s needs or your personal style, Infinity replacement windows can match your aesthetic and fit into your life.


The Marvin Difference


As mentioned earlier, no single window is right for every home or homeowner. However, when asked to recommend a window company with products as beautiful as they are reliable, we always mention Marvin.

For over 100 years, Marvin has designed products with people in mind at every step. So, their windows and doors are truly inspired by how you live. Each Marvin window is intentionally designed to fit your unique needs and style. Plus, they follow a simple, convenient replacement process that makes sense for you.

Most importantly, Marvin lives by its commitment to do the right thing, think differently and raise the bar wherever possible. Not only can Marvin help alleviate your replacement concerns, but they can help establish a sense of comfort and security in your home.


Getting Started


Big L is proud to be your local, independent Marvin retailer. Not only do we honor Marvin’s commitment to delivering high-quality products and services, but we cultivate experiences that help people live better.

Who you choose to install your new windows or doors is key to ensuring your desired outcome – a beautiful look for your home, inside and out. So no matter how far into the replacement process you are, our expert staff can provide you with helpful advice and personalized service to create rooms that reflect your style.

Our goal is to take you through the entire installation process before we get started, so you feel comfortable and confident that your new windows and doors will not only look amazing, but that your home will be treated with the utmost respect.

Discover the difference with Big L today.

Be sure to check out every type of window product we offer for Infinity here and contact us at Big L Windows & Door today!

Welcome to the Age of Big Glass Windows & Doors

Big Glass Windows and Doors Revolution

Homebuyers are willing to pay more for natural light and multiply living space.

Residential architects, builders, and developers are no longer held back from incorporating oversized glass in their exterior home designs. This natural light revolution has become a hit to both millennials and baby boomers.

Benefits of Big Glass Windows

This big glass transformation of the home equates to: low energy bills, warm interiors, less outside noise, and aesthetics.

Builders also reap the benefits: three out of four surveyed home buyers said they’d pay a $4,000 premium for a large retractable glass sliding door, according to John Burns Real Estate Consulting, an independent research and advisory firm.

Surging demand to meet numerous big glass strategies include:

Mulling Windows

Designers and builders are implementing mulling arrangements that can include many formats from double- and single-hung, glider, awning, and casement to innovating corner windows for panoramas.

Large Glass Doors

A seamless transition from indoor and outdoor space, life-and-slide, multi-slide, and bi-fold glass doors are in play.

Large Windows

Home buyers are seeking single-hung, double-hung, and casement windows. They are looking for bigger sizes. Marvin double-hung windows, for example, are now available in standard sizes up to 5 x 10 feet. Single fixed casement windows are now offered at sizes up to 6.7 x 10 feet.

What’s next?

Bet on bigger. Today any interior space can be transformed by big glass windows and doors to feel even larger and more connected to the outdoors.


Marvin Invites Architects to Enter its 2017 Architects Challenge Design Competition

Marvin Windows and Doors invites architects to enter its 2017 Architects Challenge, a competition awarding prizes to residential and commercial design projects that exhibit creativity and ingenuity using Marvin windows and doors. Entries should be submitted to by March 10, 2017.

Now in its ninth year, the 2017 Marvin Architects Challenge will recognize one outstanding design in each of five categories – Contemporary, Transitional, Traditional New Construction, Remodel/Addition and Commercial. An overall Best in Show prize will also be awarded. The entries will be evaluated by an independent panel of esteemed architects, including Robert Gurney, FAIA, Manny Gonzalaez, FAIA, NCARB, LEED AP, CAASH and Ted Flato, FAIA.

The Architects Challenge is an opportunity for Marvin to recognize architects who take creative advantage of the design flexibility we build into our products,” said Dondi Kazukewicz, senior manager of brand communications at Marvin Windows and Doors. “But it is also an opportunity for us to honor their vision and expertise. With each year’s submissions, we are inspired to refine our products and services to help meet the challenges they face.

Winning entries will be announced during an ARCHITECT Live event at the 2017 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Convention, April 27-29 in Orlando. Marvin will provide conference travel, lodging and registration for the winners.

For more information and to submit a project, visit

Wood & Door Magazine Features Marvin Ultimate Multi-Slide Door

The Marvin Ultimate Multi-Slide Door was featured as one of the latest energy efficient products in the October issue of Window & Door magazine. The Ultimate Multi-Slide Door has several energy efficient features such as a 0.28 U-factor with IG dual-pane glass, tempered one-lite low-E2 with argon insulating glass, a thermally efficient modular Ultrex frame system and heavy-duty weatherstripping. Read more in the October issue of Window & Door.

Source: Marvin

Marvin Windows and Doors

One of the happiest days in Jake Marvin’s life took place eight years ago, when he asked family members involved with the business a tough question.

As CEO and chairman of Warroad-based Marvin Windows and Doors, and a member of the Marvin family’s third generation, Jake assembled the stockholders in his family’s company. He had something momentous to tell them. Due to changes mandated by the Internal Revenue Service, the family had to sign off on a new buy-sell agreement to govern future ownership structure.

“The way ours was written, it required 100 percent agreement from all shareholders,” Jake recalls. “One of the things we did just before we got to that was to [convene] all the shareholders in the fourth generation that were the age of majority; that was nearly all of them, at the time.” As he explained at the meeting, there were a number of ways the family business could proceed. “We could sell it, we could sell it in part, we could bring in professional management and continue to own it, or we could own, operate and manage it.”

It’s not to say that Jake Marvin and his siblings have made it easy for the fourth generation. Family members don’t “inherit” a job – they have to earn it. And that is why Marvin Windows and Doors has lasted so long as a family business.

We try to give this fourth generation varied experiences that will help them as leaders for the future,” Susan Marvin says. A case in point is niece Christine, who became the company’s director of corporate strategy in August after serving as director of marketing for the Marvin brands. Before joining the family business full time in 2008, Christine Marvin worked a couple of years for a California building materials wholesaler.

There’s something else that Marvin family members need to prove: a commitment not only to the company but to Warroad, a town of 1,778 just six miles south of the Canadian border. And that’s one of the reasons Frank Marvin’s son Paul was named president at the beginning of this year, succeeding his aunt Susan.

All owners over the age of 18 attend the annual shareholder meeting. There, the younger family members learn more about the business and ask questions. “All of our children work for the company in summer jobs and sometimes on vacations from school, before they sign on.” Jake Marvin says. Those interested in building a career at Marvin Windows and Doors are sent to seminars for more formal training.

In addition, “We put them with [consultants] who can do a complete profile and analysis and really get in the corners with them,” Marvin says. “That’s not just testing, but a series of long interviews and a lot of back-and-forth to determine, along with testing, what their skill sets are, what it is that moves them, how do they see themselves going forward, where can they contribute if they want to be in the business – or if they don’t want to be.

This past summer, three members of the fifth generation, whose oldest members are in high school, held jobs with the company. “They’re involved very early on in their lives,” Jake Marvin says. That was true of him and his siblings. The members of the Marvin Family, Campell says, “are the bedrock of Warroad.” And they’re working hard to stay that way.

Source: TCBmag

Marvin Featured in L.A. Times

Kishani Perera, designer and house hunter noticed a slightly unappealing 1923 Mid-City home; That’s when she realized her first step was to border the entryway with columns.

Kishani Perera had originally bought the two-bedroom, two-bathroom house for $640,000 in 2013 and currently selling it for $1.1 million. “I could tell it had good bones, just a good feeling to it,” said Perera

With almost three years of work, the home now has charisma including the transformed garage, with four skylights, and new windows.

Perera has styled homes for Harry Styles, Molly Sims, Rachel Bilson and Michael C. Hall, “This has been my passion project,” said Perera,

Perera has renovated the home’s exterior paint that was previously a gray with a Benjamin Moore’s deeper Quarry Rock gray that has smooth touches of blue and green.

The new color felt original to the house, kind of a vintage vibe to it,” added Perera.

The new and improved home now sports white-trimmed Marvin windows well matched to neighbors’ lawns by Calabasas-based New View Landscape.

A spray of fragrance flowers and olive bushes surround the home’s front entranceway alluring a calm look.

Perera connected the tight kitchen, dining and laundry areas, opening them to the living room to enlarge the 1,038-square-foot interior. Throughout the home Original American oak flooring is used.

The kitchen’s new shiny black cabinetry is topped with white Calcutta marble all paired with appliances: an Electrolux dishwasher, refrigerator, and Bertazzoni range and oven; With a faucet by Perrin and Rowe.

Much of the lighting is vintage located from Perera’s Rummage boutique on Beverly Boulevard. The new fixtures are by Cedar & Moss.

The dining room has an elegant Maria Theresa chandelier coated a chic gray and an art deco fixture it’s a German tower design that drapes in the master bath.

Krishani’s curiosity in vintage was started during family visits to Sri Lanka when she was a young teenager.

Shops there had these most amazing pieces from the 18th and 19th century,” she said. “I love the history and story behind vintage pieces; I can feel real soul in them.

The master bath’s black harsh accents is of a newly vintage design, and the hall bathroom has a striking 1950s cabinet with both having Cement Tile floors.

Other features the house includes: new electrical and plumbing systems, a new slim line HVAC and a Nest thermostat. The house also features alarm, camera and Sonos sound systems.

The backyard is now lined with bay leaf borders that adorn an inviting St. Augustine lawn. A lower patio with pea gravel borders the house.

The most practical backyard feature is the calming hammock looped between lemon and grapefruit trees.

Source: LA Times

Larger Casement & Awning Windows from Marvin featured in Professional Builder

Contemporary architecture and design calls for large, energy-efficient windows with continuous range of glass.

Marvin Windows and Doors added bigger sizes to its Contemporary Casements and Awnings, Ultimate Casements, and Awnings, and Ultimate Replacement Casements and Awnings.

Source: Marvin

2016 Window & Door Trend Report by Architect Magazine

A 2016 trend report from Architect Magazine showed how professionals in the window and door industry see improvement in energy efficiency and product design. Here’s what you can expect during spring, summer and beyond!

Inside out, Outside In

The tendency to effortlessly incorporate open interiors with expansive exteriors continues across America. AIA Fellow and residential architect Manny Gonzales of the Los Angeles based KTGY Group stated “Large sliding glass doors are for all objectives and goals, it is a moving transparent wall.” Large casement windows offer homeowners new levels of free outdoor views. Many window assemblies make large “window wall” effects. The interior/exterior direction can embrace traditional or contemporary designs. Stylists and home builders are actively reacting to buyers’ wishes to combine the indoors with the outdoors. 


New home and key renovation projects show another trend: more scenic doors. A new generation of lift-and-slides, multi-slides, and bi-fold scenic doors have changed the mindset on home energy savings. There are more and more homes that have multiple scenic doors. Christine Marvin, director of marketing for Marvin Windows and Doors of Warroad, Minnesota said “Not long ago, you would find one door for every eight or so windows in a home. Today it’s a couple to a few to several times that amount. More doors mean even more relations to nature.”

The Color of Character

Hardware is also going through a color trend cycle. Designers are utilizing gray or “coal” colors for metallic window and door exteriors. “The most favored hardware finishes are the satin nickels and satin chromes for a more contemporary look. Oil-polished bronze remain as the fundamental assortments,” added Marvin.

Universal Design

Artists like Gonzales, and home builders nationwide, are adding multi-generational add-ons into homes, especially windows and doors. “Universal design isn’t just for an aging population. It’s for people in general,” Gonzales said.

The multi-slide scenic door is the latest advancement on the universal design front. A handheld remote or a home computerized system app is all it takes for homeowners to quickly and seamlessly open and close a multi-slide door with a tap of a finger. “Considerate automation is the ultimate in universal design,” Marvin said.

Source: Architect Magazine

Esthetics and Execution from Marvin®

Infinity Bay offers bay windows that includes Bare Pine, Oak head, and seat boards, which can also be dyed and tinted to correspond to the interior of the house. Infinity Bay windows are accessible in two different points and shapes to fit your home’s architectural form. Infinity bay windows are made with Ultrex® that offers remarkable durability and support assuring that your windows will work and stay marvelous for a long time.

Integrity® Casement windows are supplied with new double arm roto supply service and continuous multi-point clasp setup displaying Ultrex framework for everlasting achievement. The Ultrex frame will not shatter or drip, making it a low-key product. You are also able to choose from darker colors without deterioration. With Integrity Casement windows, you will now be able to change the appearance of your home carrying it out properly.

Lastly, Marvin’s wood Double-Hung windows incorporate modern and vintage schemes concealed with cut aluminum making the window much easier to manage, while equipping a heated barricade. Marvin’s Double-Hung window is simple to unlock and can be added with a full or half screen to disguise the bottom part. There is a wide selection of sash sizes, coat, and soft ornaments for your fitting window.

Source: Next Door and Window

Marvin Windows and Doors Reveals Architects Challenge Clash

The 2016 Marvin Architects Challenge has began another segment of the yearly contest called the Architects Challenge Showdown. In May, there were six architect-designed projects proclaimed as winners in their architectural sector as elected by a panel of professionals. With Marvin giving the general audience a chance to pick the showdown victor. There are four sets of voting that entails the showdown consisting of June 6th – June 12th that is in regards to all the developments entered in 2016, June 13th – June 19th the top 25 missions, June 20th – June 26th the top 10 undertakings, and finally on June 27th – July 1st the top 3 best endeavors.

At the public is permitted to vote for one project per day at the time of the voting dates. The champion is expected to be pronounced by the week of July 4th. Mark Nelson of David Heide Design Studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota spoke about his time when he had previously won in the year 2015, “Receiving the award of Marvin Architects Challenge Showdown had given thrills for the firm.” Mentioning the tremendous nobility by the public and the work put in from the other exceptional jobs completed. The triumph architect will get a trip to the 2016 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, conducted October 5th to the 6th in Los Angeles, California.

The showdown is a great chance for the public to get involved in the Marvin Architects Challenge, and as well as giving the architects a break to influence their networks in an open competition. Christine Marvin, Executive of Company Tactic for the Marvin Family of Products stated, “Marvin’s windows and doors are cherished for their implementation, project tractability, and attractiveness. She went on reinforcing how every year they look forward to seeing how the strategy competency is understood by architects, and which architects challenge developments stimulate votes. Marvin Windows and Doors bring its mission statement to life with every client.

With Marvin’s wide selection of made to order wood and clad wood windows and doors with different structures, designs, volumes, and choices to fit the assorted needs of manufacturers while corresponding the personalities of homeowners. Marvin’s practice of distributing the best artistry in windows and doors started in Warroad, Minnesota a small town just six miles from the Canadian border, where the family-owned business is still headquartered today. To know more about the 2016 Marvin Architects Challenge you can go to

Source: PRNewswire