How To Install An Entry Door

Entry Door Installation

There a number of reasons you might consider installing an entry door in your home. Perhaps your current door looks worn out or has become difficult to operate. Maybe it is not energy efficient or even sound-proof. Perhaps you are simply looking for a change and a new entry door installation could be your answer!

We all want a beautiful home we can feel confident about. Since exterior doors are such a visible feature of every home, they play a major role in their overall design. After all, front doors set the tone for arriving guests and neighbors strolling by. This makes updating your front door an easy way to give your home a facelift.

Replacing an exterior door can be an exciting time for a homeowner. Yet regardless of your reason, all home improvement projects require some lead time and preparation in order to be successful. Installing a replacement door is no exception to this rule.

So before you head to a dealer to start scheduling your exterior door installation, consider completing the following tasks.

Determine Your Goals

Just like windows, cabinets and other features in the home, exterior doors are available in a variety of styles and materials. Fortunately, this means you can usually find a product that matches your home’s aesthetic and aligns with your personal style. However, it also means that some extra steps are involved in the replacement process.

Unlike the elements mentioned above, your front door is the first thing people notice about your home. As a design feature, it’s an opportunity to leave a lasting impression. However, it also plays a vital role in your home’s energy efficiency and security. Finding balance between these two functions is every homeowner’s challenge.

This in mind, it is important to decide what is most important to you before purchasing a new door. Truthfully, the best material for any home depends on its homeowners’ style, climate and budget. So in order to select the right materials for your home, you’ll have to decide what you want.

Before beginning your entry door installation, ask yourself: What do I want to accomplish with this project? Determine your top priorities and try to envision your best case scenario. Not only will this help inform your hardware selection, but it may end up keeping your entire project on track.

Pick Your Door

Naturally, there are unique advantages and shortcomings in every exterior door option. Some materials are stronger than others; some are cheaper or require less maintenance. Some shapes make more of a statement but will require structural changes to your home. The trade-offs are constant.

In reality, there is no rule of thumb to blindly follow when shopping for new exterior doors. So before installing replacement exterior door, it’s important to learn about every available option. Below, we break down some of the most popular options.


Praised for its beauty, wood is perhaps the most popular option for replacement exterior doors. It’s available in a number of eye-catching natural finishes — such as oak, mahogany and more. However, be warned: wood doors are also some of the most expensive on the market. Plus, like wood windows, they tend to require frequent maintenance.

Since shopping for wood doors tends to be expensive, many brands offer composite alternatives. These options wrap wooden cores in other materials — such as fiberglass. As a result, they tend to resist warping more effectively than pure wood.


Fiberglass doors are both durable and low maintenance, making them a smart choice for homeowners in harsh climates. While they may not feel as traditional as a wooden front door, they are usually more affordable. Plus, many brands use fiberglass to mimic wood-grain texturing — So their doors look like wood but are cheaper and tougher. Talk about a win-win.

Pick Your Brand

As we mentioned above, there is no rule of thumb for picking the perfect entry door. There are hundreds of styles and combinations to choose from, each of which plays a different role within the home. So, it’s important to select a product that aligns with your expectations.

Yet there is one thing that rings true for all homeowners. When you install a new exterior door, you expect it to last. Nobody wants to invest in a project that will end up costing them more time and money down the line. This in mind, we believe durability is the most valuable trait a replacement door can have.

That’s where picking the right door manufacturer becomes important. Much like materials, there are different advantages and sacrifices that come with every brand. Not every wood door is beautiful, and not every fiberglass door performs.

Fortunately, Therma Tru doors do both. Their Classic-Craft American Style collection offers the look, feel and sound of authentic wood doors without compromising performance. Extraordinary in every detail, all fiberglass used in the Therma Tru American Style collection blends timeless looks with modern design. The result is an entry that will maintain its beauty and performance for years to come.

At Big L, we proudly stock a variety of high-quality entry doors — including the Classic-Craft American Style collection.

Get Started

Once you have narrowed down your options and decided on a material, it’s finally time to get started. But keep in mind — A quality entry door installation is extremely important to the success of your home improvement project. So unless you are experienced, avoid treating this as a DIY project.

At Big L, we proudly offer professional entry door installation at reasonable prices. Our licensed, insured staff can make sure your new windows are installed in accordance with their manufacturers’ recommendations.