Buyers Want Worthy Windows

Homebuyers know what they want… And they’ll wait for it.

Since buying a home is a long-term commitment, new-home buyers do not want to compromise on their future property. Instead, they’ll hold out until a dream home presents itself.

According to a recent study by John Burns Real Estate Consulting, the most common obstacle faced by shoppers is an inability to find what they’re looking for. Of more than 21,000 potential homebuyers questioned, 46% said they were unable to find a home that meets their desires. In almost all cases, this leads to delays in their settling down.

But what exactly do those dream homes entail? Apparently, it may have something to do with windows.

The same study also asked participants to rank the most important home features affecting their decisions. Surprisingly enough, price of the home was not the primary deal-breaker.

In fact, more than half the future homebuyers consider the design of the home to be more persuasive than its price-point. Energy savings and functionality also ranked among their top concerns.

But are these features realistic?

We think so.

Read below to see how a worthy window can address homebuyers’ deepest desires.

Design of the Home

       Since windows are such a major component of your home’s overall look and feel, they can make a world of difference when it comes to design. The right style window will complement any home exterior and effortlessly increase its curb appeal.

Energy Savings

       Approximately one-third of all heat that escapes from a home travels through windows and doors, according to the NRDC. This can have dire consequences on your heating bill, effectively wasting heat produced by your furnace (and the cool air generated by air conditioners in the summer). Upgrading to a modern, more energy efficient window is an obvious solution. If properly installed, new windows can reduce energy bills by 10% to 25%.


     Windows serve a variety of important roles within the home: They let in natural light, incubate heat or cool air, defend against trespassers, and open up ordinary rooms to the world. So when it comes to the overall functionality of a home, an easy-to-operate window can be a make-or-break element.